Ghetto Madness

Ghetto Madness: [get-oh] [mad-nis] adjective The fleeting moment where a rational thinking brother is overcome by a sudden bout of ignorance.

Girls. Weed. Money.

Any young man who has grown up on a hi-rise knows the importance of having the above.

And nobody knows this more than Blaze and Junior. Life long friends, who are constantly on the pursuit of the Ghetto Trinity.

Weed? That’s not a problem. Wheeler dealer Blaze has connections all over.

Girls and Money? Well that’s not so easy. But the boys do try and that’s where their adventures begin.

Assisted by the weed that they smoke, the two friends cover topics from Terrorism to Mario Ballotelli in their pursuit of the two items that will give them a Ghetto Hat-trick!

Ghetto Madness is always irreverent and always funny.

“Black people aren’t a valuable bargaining tool. Terrorists know this!”


Episode 1a | The Bass

Episode 1 | The Front Line

  • from: Variable


  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Camera: EOS5D


Get Connected

“Ahh Junior it’s you? I was just about to mug you man!”